The Ministry of Education and Science makes an attempt to handle a crisis of education

The core of a regional crisis lies in the deepening of a gap between the development of various areas of the society's activity and an out-of-date training system that is incapable of keeping up with the growing requirements of the life. Taking into consideration the scientific analysis of today's educational situation in Kazakhstan and the requirements of the near and faraway future, the highly-professional staff of all the systems of the Ministry is involved in developing carefully their strategy.

The objective of the educational reforms is to ensure their quality in the conditions of the market economy given the globalisation trends. The 21st century puts the quality of education at the forefront that isn't measured by ordinary levels of literacy but a higher parameter - functional proficiency.

A central body for managing an educational system, the Ministry of Education and Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, emphasized that the reforms in the area of knowledge are brought into life as there appeared the need for increasing the social security and well-being of the citizens by forming the conditions in which the creative and professional abilities of each man would develop naturally and freely. Pedagogical scientists, psychologists and methodologists of independent Kazakhstan are developing the new approaches to solve uneasy educational task of educating and rearing the young generation as the republic turns into a democratic society.